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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So my boy is ‘walking.’ He can put together 5-9 steps before he takes a spill. It is a great time to be alive


The Chapelle Block party is looking the illest thing in theatres since LOTR as far as the nerdy SC is concerned. And props to whoever designed the poster.
Not only is it a tribute to the old school flyer (a la Jamboree) but the building in the background is one of the illest structures in Brooklyn. It’s called the Broken Angel building, right off of Classon.
Last week when Boogie and I were on a walk we took a second to really peep it.

It looks like it’s falling apart (like Prometheus’s home base for all my DC Comics nerds). But in reality it is one of the most illest things you’ll ever see. It straight up looks like a haunted and abandoned house. But from what this dread told me an eccentric white dude lives in there and charges $60 for a visit. If I ever have an extra $60 and are feeling bold I might do it.

Now I wasn’t there (and neither were a lot of people reading), so somebody tell me if that is the block where the Party was held? And are my profound observations as silly as I think they are.

-Where is Stevey Franchise going?

-Don’t trade Starbury

-Nate is my man, but he didn’t really beat the other AI

-Bonds needs to go away. It’s the juice man, stop fronting

-it is a shame how little I care about the Olympics

-RIP Curt Gowdy


Anonymous james said...

yo, the broken angel building... lets check it out man. i'll go with you. apparently the block party was held on that very block, which would explain why they put it in the poster, i suppose.
we should plan a trip to go see the movie also, as a crew, since as you mentioned we all missed the real deal. what say you?
...aaaand if you know of any other special buildings sprinkled around brooklyn, tell me -- we have our own little urban-imagery-showcasing poster in the works you know...

February 22, 2006 12:20 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

when is the joint coming out?

February 22, 2006 12:52 PM


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