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Friday, February 03, 2006

Windows of opportunity are constantly opening and closing all around us. What sparked this post was the piece I saw on SportsCenter about Edgerrin James’ expected departure from the Colts. That is the sound of their window closing. That team is not the same team w/o Edge. Without a deadly running game Peyton's lack of mobility will be exposed like Miles' butt at bath time.

But this is not an NFL post, but a pseudo philosophical SC rant. The question is what do the Colts do now? What do you do when your carefully laid plans begin to unravel? When you business model expires. When your all-stars begin to see the green spots of envy?

Adapt or die.

I have faced these same questions throughout my career which is now officially 10 years old as an entrepreneur and 15 years old if I want to make myself feel better. And as I contemplate yet another major change, the re-launch of 7Heads, the Colts story gives me pause.

The wisest man knows when the party is over. When it's time to let bad things die and cut loose the weeds. To throw another sports reference, this is something the Knicks cannot or will not do. We must allot time for death and rebuilding. Without death there is no life. Something must end for something new to begin.

Many in our business refuse to die, and somehow convince themselves that this a worthy attribute. So as I look back at Feb '96 when I officially struck it out on my own (287 Armstrong, Chilltown, JC) I think today all those cats who are not here. All the MC's who were 'it' that are now nowhere to be found. The class of ’95 MC’s who pissed away their chances. My fellow businessman who have also disappeared and/or are clinging to the same plan hatched over a decade ago.

I also take joy in thinking about my friends in the business who have bounced back or sailed to heights that we never dreamed of. What triggers these thoughts is seeing Mos Def getting co-billed with Bruce Willis in ’16 Blocks.’ Who would have thought the Universal Magnetic b-boy would be working with Cybil Shepard's former co-star.

How does one decide if you should find the money to re-sign The Edge? Or when do you cut him loose and pull a Shannahan and build through free agency or the draft? or make the Edge take the supporting role and still be the star a la Jerome Bettis.

Who knows?


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