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Friday, August 05, 2005

A couple of interesting articles on the technology

A couple of interesting articles on the technology/sports/business tip


Slim Thug in the new Madden.  Along with a bunch of new acts


New Xbox to be economically priced


No more landlines?


More drama from the ‘roided up MLB.  I am sure my man Doug Nyce is loving this


Nice article on the Atkins bankruptcy.


There was a great piece on WNYC about this.  I wanted to call into Brian Leher that day almost as much as I did when the RZA was on.  Eb and I followed Atkins pretty tough before Miles was born.  We have since slacked a bit (her more than me), but when we were on it hardcore it definitely worked.  Weight down, energy up.  And contrary to popular belief we were not eating devouring meat and cheese like some insane Roman emperor. 


If anyone bothered to read Dr. Atkins initial book they would realize that Atkins discourages you from overeating and encourages the eating of lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.  As soon as they filed for Chapter 11 it was amazing how many people were ready to schedule the diet’s funeral. I didn’t understand it.  I secretly suspect these were people who couldn’t stick to the diet because of self discipline or laziness and decided to blame the concept of the diet.


Now besides me being a proponent of the diet I also see an interesting business story.  When Atkins reached its peak of popularity about 18 months ago traditional producers of refined carb products hit their nadir.  Wonder, Breyer’s, Nabisco etc. saw their sales drop dramatically.  Pizza shops were going out of business. Steak houses were popping up.  The response was amazingly quick by these gigantic multinationals. 


Breyer’s launched a low carb ice cream.  Arnold’s launched Carb Controlled bread.  Nabisco launched CarbWell breakfast bars.  Quite simply, a Long Island diet company cannot compete with Breyer’s in the ice cream market.  It was only a matter of time before the economics caught up with Atkins.  They went from having a monopoly to going toe to toe with billion dollar companies in less than 2 years. 


Anyone who used to eat that Atkins bread knows what I’m talking about.


It was no the loss of popularity that caused Chapter 11, but its incredible popularity and effectiveness.


Running a small company I feel their pain.  I have seen this happen countless times in the record biz.  In fact it is happening right now.  The majors have gotten a taste for dirty south, crunk music and they are devouring it at a record pace.  Webbie, T.I., Slim Thug, Swisha House, Boyz In Da Hood.  This regional music was initially run by local entrepreneurs, but now their ability to live in the marketplace is no doubt severely limited.  But soon the majors’ belly will be full and they will be on to the next.


The infatuation with the South is nothing new. Ask Eightball and MJG. There was a time when Queens griminess was the rage, afrocentricity, and G-Funk all had their time in the sun.


The little guy with the great idea must always be watchful of the big boys on the block.  Make them work with you, not against you.


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