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Thursday, August 11, 2005

CMJ 2005 for all the fly ladies and girls

The Chancellor is taking a much needed break. Going to take Miles Boogie down south to the fam for a little spoiling for him and R&R for the kid.

I will be bloggimg remotely, but I may miss a day, and I may have fewer flicks. Hopefully the great Mark Cilantro will be filling in the gaps as well.

Before I head out, here a few tid bits.

This T.O. thing is too much. Just let him go and let him get his money. He is gonna bring down that team soon.

Watching the MTV special on the Anger Management Tour. I think I am beginning to like 50 (yikes!) most of the music is still too 'in the box' for me, but spreading the love to the great M-O-B-B and the MashOutPosse (rugged, never smooth) How can you be mad?

And I like his stand on The Game situation (that kid from Compton just killed himself, whose side did he really think Iovine, Em and Dre would take?)

and now for some shamelss self promotion:

August 10th, 2005

Room Service Productions announced today the initial lineup for its 4th Annual CMJ Showcase in New York City. This year’s event is being presented in conjunction with North Carolina’s Justus League and will feature Little Brother, Rhymefest, J-Live, The Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Joe Scudda, and One Block Radius. The event will once again be held at the legendary BB King’s Blues Club and Grill on September 15th.

“Last year’s showcase with De La [Soul], [Talib] Kweli, and RES really raised the bar on our CMJ performances. So this year we had to come correct,” said Room Service president Wes Jackson. “Little Brother and Rhymefest rocked The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival so we had to bring them back for CMJ. And of course having my brother, J- Live, rock with us again is satisfaction guaranteed. And that is not all; we are working on a few more Hip- Hop super heroes.”

For 25 years, the CMJ Music Marathon has been one of the most pivotal events in NYC. Showcasing talent from major and independent labels to upcoming unsigned acts, the marathon is an excellent way to make a lasting impression on music industry participants, DJs from all over the country, and adoring fans alike. 2005 marks the 25th anniversary of the CMJ Music Marathon.

The conference will be held from Wednesday September 14th- Saturday September 17th. With no other opportunity existing like this in New York CMJ continues to fills the void of providing a productive and efficient forum for like minded companies to connect and network. CMJ still is the only major music networking event in New York City.

Little Brother, Rhymefest and J-Live will be supporting their new releases “The Minstrel Show” (Atlantic Records), “Blue Collar Poppin” (J Records) and “The Here After” (Penalty Records) respectively.

Event producer Alma Geddy-Romero had this to add, “Rhymefest, J-Live, and Little Brother represent the next generation. They are the perfect balance between old school skills and new skills flows. This year’s lineup represents the music and the artists that we as a company want to support and help succeed. CMJ gives them a great opportunity to play in front of a large cross section of tastemakers in one of the City’s biggest venues.”

Room Service promises more confirmations regarding artists and partners in the coming weeks.


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