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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Can I Borrow a $1K?

Scion caught some blogosphere heat, but although their initiatives can seem to be omnipresent at least they are putting some of those dollars in the right place. If there was no Scion most of y'all would be crying about how broke you are. When they are here you complain about being co-opted. Not sure if a healthy solution is possible.

Can I borrow $1,000 ?(thank you Ian for the heads up)

Shout out to KB at XM Radio. Glad you are feeling the Entourage posts.

Look out for the launch of the Brooklyn Bodega this week.

Remember no post on Tuesdays (maybe Thursdays now) -- hanging out with Miles Boogie.

My Hello is not working so I can upload any images - can anyone help?


The third time’s a charm as Scion presents the 3rd annual “Free Up Your Mix” National DJ Contest.

The contest celebrates and rewards DJs for showcasing their skills and creativity by submitting their best mixtapes. This year Scion has opened up the competition by expanding it to include eight categories and deciding to accept digitally altered “street style” mixtapes (like the one’s you’d pick up on the block) in addition to live recordings.

“Without a doubt, DJ’s are some of the most talented musicians of our time. They push the limitations of what can be done with music, make and break records, and set lifestyle trends daily”, said Jeri Yoshizu, Scion Sales Promotions Manager. “The latest evolution of the DJ is being transformed with an increase in the use of downloadable music and hardware players. From our inception, Scion has embraced the DJ and we will continue to do so by executing this contest which encourages DJs to utilize new media technology in order to elevate their trade to new heights.”

Entries are being accepted through October 1st, 2005 and will ultimately be evaluated by professional DJs from each genre. After the success of last year’s contest, which produced over 800 submissions (including last year’s grand prize winners the Oakland Faders) Scion has decided to expand the search.

New categories this year include:

Mash Up, Reggae/Dancehall
Rock/Hip Hop
Rare Groove
Group Performance
Best Produced Remix

Among the judges, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff will be evaluating the hip hop mixtape submissions. “DJs identify music, rhythm and trends that touch the pulse of their audience,” said Jeff. Originally a DJ’s skill was based on the ability to rock a party. Now that skill is only one aspect of DJing as it’s evolved into music production, beat juggling techniques, mixtapes and technological hardware and software knowledge. I will be looking for mixtapes that embrace the influence of the DJ in 2005.”

Scion has also taken the contest a step further, realizing the close relationship between the producer and the DJ, and offering the Best Remix category. Quite appropriately, pioneering DJ/Producer and New York mixtape guru Tony Touch will be tackling the task of judging the remix category. “The DJ and the producer are nearly one and the same,” states Tony Touch, “For over two decades, I’ve been doing both, and I’m constantly gaining knowledge and building upon one by sharpening my skills with the other. I think it’s great that Scion’s highlighting both in the same arena.”

Once a finalist has been selected in each category, Scion will evaluate the skill, creativity, and overall presentation of each winner’s submission and choose a grand-prize winner. This year’s grand prizewinner will receive $2,500 and the opportunity to mix a Scion CD sampler (distribution of 500,000 copies and spin at Scion events nationwide.

http://www.scion. com/mix to download the entry form and read more about the prizes, judging, rules & regulations. Don’t sleep.

All entries must be postmarked by October 1st, 2005

Judges: Hip Hop (Live and Street Style): Jazzy Jeff (
www.djjazzyjeff.c om) Mash-Up: D.J. P (www.djpmix.com) Reggae/Dancehall: Max Glazer of Federation Sound (www.djmaxglazer .com) Rock/Hip Hop: DJ Klever of the Allies Best 2 x 4/Group Mix: DJ Haul and Mason (www.haulandm ason.com) Best Produced Remix: Tony Touch (www.tonytouch.c om)


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