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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A few tidbits

A few tidbits


Caught the tail end of the Ecko Graf jam.  It was not the media circus I expected.  Pretty hardcore for the graf aficionado.  Honestly a little too intense for me.  I wrote when I was a little punk ass kid in the Bronx and was a half ass vandal at UVa, but never anywhere as serious as these cats.  This was the real deal.


Congrats to Giant Step on their bowling victory. I should have switched to the heavy ball about 13 frames earlier


Listening to the new Kanye (on mp3 sorry Def Jam).  Only 5 songs deep but I am feeling it.  I will have my unsolicited review by Monday.  Paul Wall sounds great in ‘Drive Slow’ - hope his album flows like this.  ‘Drive Slow’ sounds like an old J-Live song.  Can’t remember which.


Other randomness


Christian Video Games?


Pat Robertson is wild! I wonder if there will be a significant backlash to hurt W


Just know that Kim ‘Bag of’ Trick(s) is the one blowing up Slim Thugga’s shine on the New Madden


Check the flyer for the Jump N Funk 4 Year Anniversary


I always liked Field Mob…Listen to Field Mob's "Friday Night":

http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/geffen/fi eld_mob/audio/light_poles_and_pine_trees/friday_nigh t/00_lo.asx?siteid=rs
http://boss.streamos.com/real/geffen/field _mob/audio/light_poles_and_pine_trees/friday_night/0 0_lo.ram?siteid=rs


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