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Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunday re-cap

So while y’all were watching Tony Yayo and 50 curse Fat Joe out at the VMA’s. I was making the most of the money I give every month to HBO. It’ not like it won’t be on every day until Thanksgiving. I am sad I missed the R. Kelly joint. Although Straight Bangin’ is telling me I ain’t miss nothing.

Wouldn’t have been mad to see Eva Longoria although I did see Hammer and that silly number with Omarion.

I think they did Kanye his award to get him out the way.

I did hear a great Artist Confidential on XM with Kanye on Saturday. He broke down every song. It’s being re-broadcast
tomorrow at 8pm. Check it out.

Me and Miles Boogie spent Saturday at the
Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I can’t recommend it enough. That was one of the illest places I have ever been. Absolutely beautiful. Later for the suburbs, I love it in Brooklyn. The trio right there of Prospect Park, The Museum and The Garden is all you need. Not to mention the Library.

Now onto my Sunday HBO report:

great episode of Entourage. Jeremy Piven has to get an Emmy this year. Ari is one of the best characters on TV. In the world of reality TV, he reminds us why we still need real actors.

-On one hand I see why Terrance had to shut Ari down. I have been in that position. Having your subordinates try to scheme on you. It must be dealt with quickly and cleanly.

-However, I love Ari so I was sad to see it happen to him. He wasn’t scheming until Terrance started to scheme on him.

-Will be interesting to see how he will be bouncing back. I love the pledge of allegiance he made Lloyd swear. Their whole interaction is very Jerry Macguire-ish

-Getting tired of Vince’s fickleness. Either do the movie or don’t. Stop acting like a baby.

-E’s new girl is quietly the baddest chick on the show

-Family Guy and American Dad is in trouble because I am clearly gonna be all about
Rome. The 1st show got me hooked. I’ll catch the reruns on Adult Swim

-Speaking of
Adult Swim, new Boondocks show staring in October.

Everyone in Brooklyn, avoid this cold bug floating around.


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