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Monday, August 22, 2005

Fest in Newsweek/Sunday TV

Rhymefest in Newsweek

My niece Malaika Joy was in Newsweek too. Gotta send that link after the
staff meeting.

'The Bachelorette' Family Guy was one of the best.

-'So how's that novel coming along?'

-Quagmire slipping the mickey was kind of ill. He is really a dangerous
criminal. At times I am not sure we should be laughing.

-and that creepy old guy peeping in on Chris. That is kind of disturbing
too. McFarlane is not afraid to push the envelope. And I like that.
The Animal Hose reference was money.

-and the return of the crazy monkey in the closet-love it!

-even he had to draw the line on the JFK joke though

-and in the rerun, should I be concerened about how good they made Lois
looked in the Mystique costume.

Entourage - say what you want about Ari but he is dedicated to Vince. A
7 hour trip to Nappa at the drop of a hat? I am sure he does it for the
dough but even still

And of course my man E hoolding his own. And always staying loyal to the

Nice cameo by Saigon. Turtle about to spread his wings.

-they should do a real Aquaman movie.


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