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Friday, August 26, 2005

How annoying was Kanye on that ‘All Eyez On Me’ joint on MTV last night. And I am a Kanye fan. I am a Hip-Hop nerd who went to prep school so I co-signed the pink polos and blazers from jump. But the arrogance last night was a little much.

The thesis that you should get an award because they ask you to perform is simply ridiculous. What about the album sales and show offers the performance generated? I thought that was why you perform on TV.

Although I completely agree, the monologue about homophobia was a bit strange. It sort of came out of nowhere. And he is so pretentious, asking the grip or whatever to be quiet while he spoke. Come on, man.

-The segment about Dame and Jay was cool, but a little melodramatic. The pensive pause was hilarious.

-I do think this is #1 on the Chancellor’s favorites of ’05. But to be honest there hasn’t been too much heat this year.

-They must have just finished this album. Common references the last Tyson fight which was what? 3 months ago?

Songs I am feeling after my second listen:

-Heard ‘Em Say – the dude from Maroon 5 sounds good

-Touch The Sky – That cat Lupe is nice. I like those up-tempo beats

-Gold Digger – video is cool too. I like seeing Jamie Foxx shine

-Drive Slow is my favorite – maybe because it sounds like J-Live’s “Like This Anna”

-The ‘Diamonds’ songs are cool. I wish Jay Z would get some new subject matter, though

-Gone – I hope Consequence gets a chance

-Late – is this on the album?

Other randomness:

My new favorite dance is the Tony Yayo hand wave

The joint with 50 and the MOBB is the shit

I wonder how that Paul Wall album is gonna sound. Have a feeling it’s gonna be too country for me. But I do like him the most out of the Houston triumvirate. I love him on the Kanye joint.

Quietly, I can’t wait for the market to shake out some of these wack dirty south cats (I am not talking about Paul).

I am tired of that Southern foolishness and that avant garde noise. Probably why I secretly applaud Kanye’s arrogance. If someone doesn’t step up Hip-Hop is gonna turn into nasty R&B hybrids, Southern ignorance, and dissonant noise from pseudo intellectuals.

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