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Monday, August 15, 2005

Best Album covers of all time

1. Midnight Marauders

2. Takes a Nation of Millions

3. Wish My Brother George Was Here

4. Black Star

5. Licensed To Ill

6. Buhloone Mind State

7. 3 Feet High and Rising

8. Paid In Full

9. Criminal Minded

10. People's Instinctibe Travels

11. Ironman

12. Soon Come... (I have no shame)

13. Hot Buttered Soul

14. Are you Experienced?

15. Organix

16. Yo, Bum Rush The Show

17. Illmatic

I just realized that my favorite album covers are linked to my favorite
albums. So is it the album I like or the cover. May have to come up with
another list, Records I don't like with covers I do like. And vice versa


Anonymous james said...

i got some good albums with wack covers for you... firstly and most recently, mutherf--kin lonnie lynn and his TERRIBLE cover for the otherwise quite excellent BE. dude is supposed to be a creative thinker. step up your cover game for petes sake. no more corny smiles please.
devin the dudes latest(?) to the extreme... with devin breakdancing on the cover. looks like a mcdonalds commercial that's supposed to appeal to the hip-hop market... and i'm not lovin it.
nas... STILLmatic. now, i have to admit, this cover has grown on me a bit, but when i first saw dude with his orange crush on, posted up next to his pigeon friend, i had to turn my head in shame. this was his unofficial come back album mind you. and there he is hangin out with a pigeon trying to look hard. boo.
as far as classic covers...
i think one of my all time favorites, for an album i love, is ol dirty's return to the 36 chambers... the dirty version. the food stamp card. sheer brilliance.

August 16, 2005 1:37 PM


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