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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pasadena farewell

The SC has been out in Killa Cali for a minute. Not for the Soul Train
Awards or the Oscars. My invite must have got lost in the mail.

Shout out to my man who hit me with the answer to the Common lyric.
Gotta get your addres and send that DVD. I'll hit you when I get back.

A lot of talk out here about Studio Distribution. The big winner looks
like Pete and BBE. If they are a free agent (I thought they were with
Caroline) they are gonna have some interesting offers.

Also be hearing some talk about the Dilla tributes in NY and LA. Radio
City? Tribe reunion?

More Dilla albums form his personal library?

After a little red tape we are able to finally announce our date and
venue for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. June 24th at the Tobacco
Warehouse in DUMBO. Right at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, on the
water. Press release is soon come.

Trivia question - was watching the Flavor Flav 'Driven' on VH1 coming
out on Jet Blue

What is Flavor Flav and Chuck D's government name?

Winner gets a PS2 50 Cent Bulletproof game.


Anonymous Stephanie Elder said...

Peace Wes, It's Stephanie. William Drayton and Carlton Ridenhour. Don't really want the game, just had to flex my trivia muscle. Also, still am going to hit you with my book idea, and would love to work on the festival in whatever capacity you guys have avail (volunteer, paid, etc.) Be safe and be well.

March 07, 2006 10:45 AM


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