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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Roger, No Rerun, No Rent

Party people,

Know that I am out of town but with you during the strike. Looking at
the weather it looks like they could not have picked a worse time.

All my New Yorkers post some comments and let me know the deal.


I watched more Fox News yesterday than any man should. On the plane (the
good Jet Blue) and in the hotel while I recovered from my chest cold.
These guys are absolutely ridiculous. Howthey defend W about this
wiretapping is shameful.

From the morning show to that idiot Bill O'Reilly (that cat needs a
booster journalism class).

Am I the only one who sees a crazy parallel between this and Star Wars
I,II, and III?

W is Palpatine, Feingold is Jimmy Smits or something like that. Cheney
is Dooku or Grievous. Ted Kennedy or Kerry is Mon Mothma. I don't know
if all those work, but you get my point.

W is creating a scenario where citizens are going to willingly and
gleefully give up their civil liberties to fight the Seperatists

You probably need me to tell you this. 'OutFox'd' says it all. I just
bore witness to the carnage.


(A dude on CNN just said the strike was 'all about the benjamins' - WOW)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penn station was thick. Looked like a cattle herd. One psycho away from a stampede. Fuckin Transit workers.

December 20, 2005 10:34 AM


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