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Thursday, December 15, 2005

McNabb under fire from the Brother Man, not the Other Man

What is the deal with this bonehead from the Philly Chapter of the NAACP calling Donovan out for not running the ball. And calling him mediocre? Homey, mediocre QB's don't go to the NFC Chapionship and the Big Game 3 straight years.

This reinforces my opinion that unqualified people should not comment on things they know nothing about. It shows your ignorance.

And my admiration of Bob Johnson continues. His announcement of a partnership with the Carlyle Group is big business that most of could not fathom let alone execute. I take back everything I said about you Bob. Remember me when you see my pitch for AUTOGRAPHTHAT.
reading this Walter Mosley book, FUTURELAND. Awesome
I am on babysitting duty so these are stolen moments.
Be good today y'all.
I will be thinking about you while I eat my smashed cauliflower at the Room Service Holiday Party


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