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Monday, December 12, 2005

And the Oscar goes to...

The Rapper Big Noyd for his portrayal of Fresh in 'Murda Muzik'

I saw that joint last night. A Netflix banger for a Sunday night. And for what it's worth it was dope. I am beginning to love this low budget, ultra ignorant, straight to DVD works from these rapper types. State Property (1&2), Death of A Dynasty, this joint, Streets Is Watching (need to peep that one again).

They are like the East Coast versions of 'Bout It, 'Bout It. As an aside that was probably the most non-sensical movie, next to Donnie Darko I have ever seen.

-Written and Executive Produced by P, the HNIC.
-MC Shan and Nas on the cameo. Although their parts had absolutely nothing to do with the story
-My biggest dissapointment is that although he was clearly listed on the credits there was no appearance by Ronald Artest
-The sex scenes straight up bordered on porn --- OUT!
-The first scene with the beat down was toooo funny
-Next time I am gonna count how many times they said 'dun', 'thun', and 'sun' -- gotta be in the hundreds

-On the TV tip I also caught the 25th Celebration of BET. I tell you the BET programming is much better these days. That show was decidely dope. A lot of performances to coordinate and it looked like it went off without a hitch. (Editing was in effect I am sure).

But amidst the Ceasar like tributes to Bob Johnson an interesting thought occured to me. The programming is better because the people who are running the show grew up on BET. Bob Johnson has not only raised a generation of consumers, but also raised a generations of executives. Who knows where the VP's over there, like my man Kevvy Kev, would be if there were no BET. Trying to kill the Mantan Lupan show over at UPN most likely. Instead he is booking Method, Mary, EWF, and the R. to rock on national TV.

Hip-Hop simply would not be the billion dollar industry that it is today w/o BET with all its problems. Ralph McDaniel couldn't handle it all. We needed Prince De Jour and the Mayor and even Tigger.

All those college kids who complained about the programming on BET are now calling the shots.


-Those Rhymefest posts I threw up are fire!
-Face it producers, Just Blaze is better than you. Stop hating and start digging.

-'Sony, I will not buy another product from you. No PSP, no PS3 not even a Walkman...
..until you break me off with some of those advertising dollars' - said the broke graf artist


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