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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rainy Tuesday

-New Mos Def/Kweli tour and music? Honestly, I hope it's better than their last 2 albums respectively. I had to struggle to find records to sink my teeth into. I tried, trust me.

-if you have 10 minutes to kill check this out, it's hilarious. Toss W's ass around for a while

-How is that Danger Doom record. i have high hopes

So as you know I sweat HBO for Rome, now that Entourage's season is over. For those not up on this great show here are a few reasons to spend your Sunday nights with Gaius Julius Caesar

-last week had an unexpected lesbian love scene involving a good looking MILF

-the other participant in the lesbian love affair als had a self masturbation scene that was nice

-for the ladies (or those into it - we don't discriminate here) last week there was significant male nudity. A rare TV full frontal penis shot - twice

-Tutus Pullo and Vorenus are like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. Ecxept they are both white, Roman and for some reason have British accents. Pullo is my man though!

-Marc Anthony is like a pre Christian era pimp. Complete with fresh body guards in red sack cloths

-Fellow English major nerds like the SC will appreciate the writing

-Verinus's wife Niobi is baaaad!

-History nerds are also telling me it is pretty accurate

Check it out, you won't be dissapointed. Also Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras is cool too.

In other news

-I met the only other person besides C Rayz Wallz who read my piece in Elemental. The small victories are all i ask for

-Off to the good Charlottesville this weeked to see my Cavs take on the Seminoles. Let's hope they don't get their ass whopped too bad.


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