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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Rain Sucks

All my people in NYC know what the hell I'm talking about.

Some randomness for the day

-This Murder Inc investigation thing is fully on blast. wow

-After a firestorm of pre-release pub I haven't heard much about the Little Brother album. What's the word on the street? Is the SC just out of the loop?

-Enough already about the Yankees. I am from the Bronx and I don't care!

-New Ricky Martin - AWESOME!!!!!

-new Slum Village album is available via ringtone. What brilliant company put that deal together? All my real Slum fans peep 'Fantastic' on the new album...Elzhi is a monster

-Common leaves the Kanye tour to get his acting hustle on

-I love podcasts. Yahoo is in the game now. we are working on our own over here

-ESPN, please stop showing Big Ben's knee injury. It's killing me

-and it is never too early to start pontificating about the Knicks


Blogger ian said...

Re: the LB album, that joint is just not that good to be honest. The fact that people thought it was a 5 mic classic shows you how low standards have fallen. If that album had come out in the early 90's against real classics by Tribe, De La, Gangstarr, Pete Rock, Pharcyde etc., they would be completely ignored also-rans or have a minor cult following at best.

October 17, 2005 3:16 AM


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