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Monday, October 24, 2005

Just another Manic Monday...

just some randomness today. The SC is fighting a cold, so he will be taking it light today.

-buy,rent, netflix 'Crash'. I netflixed it this weekend. An awesome piece of cinema. Don Cheadle is the man. And he is the only Black actor besides Denzel who has never shucked nor jived.

-Ludacris did a great job as well. A real performance like WIll Smith's 1st role. Before he became a matinee idol

-Also reccomended to buy is The Wu Tang Manual. Check page 160

-Sin City was also on the Netflix list for the weekend. Much better than I thought. Rodriguez really pulled off the graphic novel on film. Real groundbreaking stuff

-Jessica Alba is a dime +!

Some interesting links to give you a chuckle throughout the day


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