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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

what the hell is a Noreaster?

Tuesday's lessons from the SC

-if you are returning Netflix DVD's that you have seen that your wife hasn't because she takes too long. Don't ask her to drop them in the mail

-Don't bet on the Jets, no matter how good the line is. I love them, but they are not gonna do squat this year

-The New York Football Giants are gonna go far this year

-The Knicks? I am not too sure of, yet

SC Randomness

-Bertelsmann Set To Launch Legal P2P Service

-A Christmas Kanye video?

-The Source is like the Fox News of Hip-Hop. Journalists fromting like they care about journalism instead of their own private agenda

-Rappers are more like Republicans than you think...think about it

fiscally conservative


Hard on crime

Corrupt and under indictment

Not very bright

and Violent


Blogger writebrother said...

Word on that Netflix lesson. My girl always falls asleep on movies and then we end up having them shits for like 4 days because she comes at me on some ol "I've really been wantin' to see that one" type shit. I just had to start watchin' them without her and returning them. I just peeped that flick Bomb The System last night without her because I just knew we'd have it a week if I waited for her. I'm a cheap bastard. She's always saltin' my Netflix game.

October 27, 2005 11:02 PM


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