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Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's all about Danger Doom, ladies

So I am now an iTunes flag waver. Once I said I would never pay for
downloads, but I am not sure which p2p's are the move these days. That,
combined with my lack of patience has led me to the iTunes music store.
When I do buy music (my jaded industry ass expects everything for free)
I don't see myself buying any more CD's or vinyl. Zap that thing str8 to
the iPod.

It does suck that these online retailers are woefully inadequate when it
comes to classic hip-hop.

Criminal Minded - no.
The Big Daddy - no.
Labcabincalifornia - no.

And a lot of the best indie stuff is nowhere to be found. In terms of
selection, iTunes is only minorly more diverse than a Tower Records. As
usual the Wes Jackson demographic is ignored. However there is help on
the way...

Tired of trying to find redeeming qualities in the Southern Hip-Hop
invasion. Sick of boring, uninspired indie releases. Fed up with
overhyped major label forays into real Hip-Hop. Want to stop playing
albums from '95 just to remind why you got into this biz. Well help has

I have seen thy face, thou art 'Danger Doom.'

I have not listened enough for a Mark Cilantro level review, but I will
tell you this is off the top, one of the best long players of '05. We
all know Doom. He does his thing. His performance is still not on the
level of Doomsday, but just as good of a performance as Madvilliany, for

As for the beats, when Danger Mouse came out with the Grey album, I was
thoroughly unimpressed. I began to change my tune when I heard that
Gorillaz joint with Dave from De La. With the 'Mouse and The Mask' I am
a believer. Jazzy samples, interesting 3 bar loops and overall
production that compliments Doom's lazy flow.

Danger Mouse is the new Madlib.

However, the best part is the cameos from the Adult Swim lineup. Shake
from Aqua Teen Hunger Force pops up I think 3 times. Leaving messages
for Danger. Carl, Meatwad, Space Ghost and Ur make cameos. Although
these contributions can sound like a Cartoon Network commercial it's all
to the good-dood.

Go get it.


The SC aka The Sofa King


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