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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My unofficial thoughts on Amp'd's Chapter 11

In bullet form because the kids are all up now and I am on the clock

  • They bailed the Festival out last year when other sponsorship deals fell apart so I can't throw them under the bus

  • All the people I have dealt have all been cool and professional

  • I have run my own business for 12 years and I know how tempting it is to believe the dramatic stories of executive incompetence and failure

  • the reality is is it's never quite that simple

  • Beware of the haters. the difference between a supporter and a 'I Told You So'-er is usually a check

  • When people are making money from you, you are are a visionary

  • When times get rough and money slows you are an idiot...or worse

  • the Amp'd CEO seems like a smart cookie. The idea that this just got away from him seems less than logical

  • I was reading a blog comment where some cat was baffled at how rapid growth can lead to financial problems. Obviously that guy is no MBA nor has he ever run his own shop

  • Fantastic success is often worse than tremendous failure

  • Think about it like this. Miles growing out of his clothes is just as bad as me not being able to buy him clothes in the first place. The result is the same.

  • Chapter 11 is not lights out, that Chapter 7, I believe. Chapter 11 is give me a minute and stop calling me so I can get my shit together

  • This could be a ploy in a power struggle between Amp'd management, the board, and Verizon that we are simply not privy too

Let's all just stay tuned and see what happens.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great points wes. i'm on my way earning an MBA and "growing too fast" is definitely a big problem that many small and large companies face. congrats on the new baby girl. look fwd to the festival.

-wall st. backpacker

June 14, 2007 10:57 AM


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