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Friday, February 16, 2007

Caught Up

Got a lot of ideas in my head and not enough time to blog:

-Tim Hardaway and good old ignorance and homophobia
- The Jerry Springer effect and the 50/Cam'ron beef.
-Dirty ass NYC
-The Festival

Why not pontificate about Timmy Hardaway, the 'T" in Run TMC.
Old school Golden State fans stand up.
I always found it interesting that Black people can be so homophobic.
Now many will argue but I believe that you are born gay just as you are born what we call Black, white, or Asian. It is who you are. And here is where I see the similarities:
-Both groups try to cover who they are to fit in with the mainstream.
-Both groups have been/are denied basic civil rights because of who they are.
The ban against gay marriage sound like the same debate about race mixing.
The government never has a problem taking your taxes or sending you to war but somehow water fountains and marriage are deal breakers.
-Both suffer from negative stereotypes - "Don't get your gayness on me" - Jermaine O'Neil.
I love the idea that somehow a proximity to a gay man can make a straight cat switch sides, as it were. The negative stereotypes for Black folk are far too long to list.
-Both benefit from stereotypes. Gay dudes have a good fashion sense.
Going to white schools the idea that I was extra nice at basketball got me picked early. Nice boost to the ego.
-Both get sh*tted on by white males and then wind up picking on each other.
One of my early mentors was a gay brother named Emjay. And it sounds cliche but when I hear homophobic statements I feel like they are dissing a man very much responsible for my success. ('Hey, some of my best friends are gay). Prior to meeting him I may have been closer to Tim than I would care to admit. I can't front. But he took me under his wing and taught me the ropes. Taught me that the business is all about relationships and reputation. As long as you do business honorably you will always be effective.
Without him I may not have lasted past the $50/week internship.
The bottom line is that we like to believe that these labels -gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, black, white - give us some insight on the character of the individual. They simply don't.
I am a Black businessmen who has been screwed over by as many as Black people as white people. A snake is a snake in any color.
From my experience I have seen as many Christians interested in pimping Black folk as Jews. That stereotype jut doesn't hold water.
John Amechi is wack because he was an underachieving overpaid big man. If he had as many women as Wilt it wouldn't change that fact.
And if Jordan had 10 boyfriends I will still give him the ball at the end of the game so he could bust a jumper to win title #6.
Unfortunately Tim will be remembered for his bigotry and hatred and not for the UTEP 2 step. Sucks for him.

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Anonymous Jules said...

Ah true. I have a post that I want to write up about homophobia in black society. I always wondered why we can't look beyond it and why we take it so seriously.

February 20, 2007 11:31 AM


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