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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Media Notes

" tell me more about this Hip-Hop Survivor idea"

Some Random Thoughts after watching too much TV and reading too much E!Online

- is it me or does Mary J seem to be bouncing back from something every album? From 'My Life' to this joint. I thought 'No More Drama' was two records ago

-Anyone watch Rome? We love it at the crib.
Not sure why they change the actor playing Octavian..
Brutus is gonna get his. Punk.
Antony is still the man

-that show 'I'm from Rolling Stone' could be interesting.
Tell that Asian bird to take those silly fronts out. And stop belching.
Feel sorry for the girl who did the Jay interview

-'The White Rapper Show'
Now I love Prince Paul so it's hard for me to dis one of his projects but every time I see that show why do I get visions of Pierre Delacroix and Mantan Lupan?
I don't think VH1 gets the joke.

-I remember when I used to watch the Grammy's. And being that it is the highest award for my business you would think I would care. But in reality that world is not where we make our money. Sort of, but not really.

There is really a middle class music industry being created. Bigger than silly blogs like this but not MTV.com. ]
Bigger than a living room label, but not Interscope. Like Koch.

Which coincidentally gives a lot of weight to Cam's point. Koch is way more than a graveyard fro old artists. They are more than a viable player.

And if Jim Jones can sell the same numbers on Koch as Banks on Interscope, The Capo wins by a landslide. His margins are easily three times Banks.
But what about the upfront money...hmmm. Be interesting to see whose net profit is bigger. There is no way Koch can compete with Interscope on the front end.

I would even say over 80% of the Urban acts signed to majors would make more money at the end of the day on Koch. I mean, on those majors there is a high probability your record will not come out. And on an Interscope you have to compete for attention with THE biggest players in the game. Better be platinum.

On Koch you can do 100,000. Be a top priority. Get a decent royalty check and hit the road.

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