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Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl ramblings

" remeber when I used to coach the Colts. Neither do I. Damn you Tony Dungy!
Well, I'm off to play golf withmy son who also doesn't know when to shut up. Denny Green too. Would you like to be our 4th?"
  1. I like the K-Fed commercial. And the way people are dogging him he is turning into the ill underdog
  2. Sexy Rexy does it again
  3. Tony Dungy schooled Lovie
  4. Colts won running the footbal. Who would have thunk it?
  5. Prince killed it
  6. The Piano man sucked
  7. why were they all in that Chicago DB's eye during the national anthem
  8. Thank God for Jet Blue. didn't miss much pre-game thanks to DirectTV
  9. I won the office pool! hooray (whatever)
  10. GTA inspired Coke commercial was dope
  11. Go Daddy commercial had the broad from The Real World in it!?
  12. All in all they were weak, Not like the old days
  13. How does Edgerrin James feel today?
  14. And John Gruden?
  15. and Jim Mora Sr.? (playoffs!?)
  16. and Denny Green - every time they talked about how calm Tony and Lovie are I felt like they were snickering at Denny "Then crown their asses" Green
  17. and Eli?

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