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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sports Report

-Games like last night against the Lakers are the reason I still love the Knicks. And the 'oop from Jamal to Curry is why you play ball.

Isiah has done better with virtually same squad Larry Brown had. We need to cut him some slack

-I am not ready to take Marty Schottenheimer's side in this Chargers issue. That GM is no idiot. He knows you don't fire a 14-2 coach without 1) a good reason and 2) a damn good back up plan. And you have to think that maybe the real key to the success were the assistants (see the New England Patriots, no Super Bowl appearances or wins since Romeo and Weiss left). Once they got plucked maybe Marty lost his weight in the organization. The Chargers may have fell off with or without Marty.

But if they don't go farther than the 1st round this year that GM is screwed.

-Please stop talking about Lance Armstrong in the same breath as Michael and Tiger. The dude rode in one race per year. How many rings would Shaq have if you could rest for 90% of the year.

-How happy are you that Duke is struggling?



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