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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I still love the Knicks

Was watching my boys last night as they played Phoenix closer than expected. I still love them. I can't help it. One of these days they will get it right, I feel it in my bones.
-Eddy Curry acted like he was an athlete last night
-David Lee and Nate Robinson respect the legacy of the franchise and do their best to honor the tradition of Starky Lovehun, LJ, and The Oak.
-Crawford is still a nut
-Not sure how Starbury will be treated by history
Also got me thinking about the Nets coming to Brooklyn. Now I have a vested interest in this move. 1) property value, 2) being able to walk to games with Miles, 3) when the move happens it will a boom for one of our biggest clients.
But even still I will not be able to switch allegiances that quickly. The Nets are better than the Knicks as a team but as a brand they are simply boring. There is no mystique to the Nets. No mythology that sticks in your mind.
I wonder how many casual fans realize Dr. J was a Net. Remember the promise of Petrovic. The Pearl Washington days. The Derrick Coleman days.
Just because they move to my backyard and potentially put more coins in my pocket does not a Net fan make me. And throwing Jay's name and likeness all over will not be enough. They need some Walt Fraziers, some Earl Monroes, some Pat Ewings, some motherf&&&&*g John Starks, some Trent Tuckers, some Bill Bradleys. Something.
Or else I will be tuned to MSG when I could be on the Yes Network.

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Anonymous Stephanie Elder said...

As a jerseyite and Nets fan (sidebar: I remember going to games in high school and damn near sitting courtside for $10, because the stands were so empty), I've wondered myself if NYC is really big enough for two basketball teams. The Knicks are a straight-up institution, and no matter their record, are a major brand. Are people really going to swing all of that inbred love/hate for the Knicks, over to the new Brooklyn Nets? I'm not convinced. Plus, I'm pissed that the Nets are even going to Brooklyn in the first place, and all we get is a hockey stadium in Newark. I rep the Knicks as well, and always make a point to attend at least one game a season. (I was there for the triple ot Pistons game at the end of the year.) There are few things that compare to seeing a Knick game at the Garden, and unless Jay Z agrees to tapdance during halftime, I'm not realy sure if the allure of a new stadium, is enough to keep it filled.

January 25, 2007 1:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't ride with the Nets. They can never be a true New York team. What is it going to take to turn the Knicks around?

January 31, 2007 10:37 AM

Blogger Jeff said...

Yo, seriously, I need the Knicks to tank this year, just so my Bulls get a shot at Durant(!) or Oden. After that, I swear I'll root for them too...

Not to rain on your parade, but there were very good reasons why we got rid of Eddy and Jamal. Jamal has one of the lowest points-per-shot ratios in the league and couldn't defend a box of animal crackers on top of a refrigerator from a two-year-old. And Eddy, oh Eddy. Yes, in 6-8 minute stretches he is simply unstoppable in the post (and we miss that in Chicago, big time), but he may go down as one of the worst rebounding big men ever. You may recall Scott Skiles' response when a reporter asked how Curry could improve his rebounding - - - "Jump."

Reminiscing on Trent Tucker?!?!?! Damn, I didn't know y'all were hurting like that!

February 03, 2007 2:01 AM


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