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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Revelations and Randomness

1. That Lupe record is not bad at its core. There are some top notch rhymes on there. The songwriting is inaccessible so it's hard to even get to it. And all the dumb sh+t he says just makes it difficult to find the energy to dig for those gems.

2. Fabolous is the best lyricist for a 'commerial' rapper (whatever that means).

3. Obama should be just as popular in the immigrant community as he is some Black communites. He is essentially a first generation immigrant. Pay attention my Korean, Senegalese, West Indian, Russian, Chinese, Mexican and Canadian brothers.

4. Kanye only beat 50 by 200-300k, right? Hmmmmmm

5. I would not want to be at a major right now. EMI layoffs. I heard Warner is on the road to Chapter 11. Although being at a small operation like ours still ain't no picnic.

6. Why is OJ still front page news?

7. The Wire is better than advertised. Go to HBO On Demand and be a week ahead.

8. I still ride for the Knicks. Yeah Jamal!


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