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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New line of ROger Clemens T-shirts - 'Stop Snitching and Go To Jail'

damn my ass hurts from that b-12 shot

Anyone care enough to listen to that phone convo with The Rocket and his snitch. If you tried to watch PTI on ESPN News last night you had no choice.

What a bum Clemens is. The way he tried to set his boy up was so cowardly. Taping phone convos like Linda Tripp. And for all you legal analysts who can't tell. Homeboy was telling Roger he will do what Barry Bonds pushaman did for Double B. Go to jail for his boy. While Barry's dude did it for contempt Clemens' guy will do it for perjury. In both cases the low guy on the totem is down to fall on his sword. And it both cases I think you guys were juicing, but can still go to the Hall.

I am just waiting for Marc Ecko to weigh in. It's just not baseball news until we hear from 'he of the 8xl T-Shirt.'

and in other sports news the BCS proves itself worthless. Clearly OSU was not the team that should have been there. They would not have made it through a playoff. USC, Georgia, Hawaii should have been the last seed. Kansas. Wake up college football your brand can't take this type of beating forever. Playoffs mean more $ for everyone. Look at the pros, March Madness and the Bowl Subdivision...idiots.

And oh yeah 'Fired Up, Ready To Go' President Obama. Let's put this race to bed today.

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