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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tips for new parents

I have two little duns and no one (that means you Rob) gave me any advice. They just sent me into the fire. I understand but damn you could have helped a brother out.
The truth is there is no way to really prepare you for the arrival of the rug rats but I will give you a few tips.

I encourage all my fellow parents (Steph) to add on.

1. Get a DVR. and digital cable. On Demand and DVR will save your sanity. These kids have no idea what it is like to wake up at 7am on Saturday to catch the Superfriends. This is an On Demand generation.

2. You won't sleep for 2-3 months. no getting around it. deal with it

3. Eat right. No sleep will make you vulnerable to sickness

4. they are way tougher than you think. Miles must have busted his ass a dozen times a day until he was two. Never seriously hurt. Even the girls. Savannah takes her lumps too.

5. They are never as cold as you think. No need for 3 blankets and the "Bundle Me."

6. These names are your friends: Backyardigans, Dora, Diego, Jakers, Boots, Baby Jaguar, Snook, Word World

7. Sesame Street is as good as it was when we were little

8. Just have to shout Backyardigans again. Eb and I love it as much as Miles. Alvin Ailey dancers do the choreography!

9. A little crying is ok. They'll live

10. The jungle gym is not as dangerous as you think. This from a dude who lost his two front teeth in a monkey bar incident in the 70's

11. There is a ton of things to do in the city. Don't believe the hype

12. These places are your friends: YMCA (cheap classes, free pool and gym), Music Together (Rene is the man), Brooklyn Botanic Garden (perfect for the warm weather), Children's Museum (can be a little ghetto but don't worry), Prospect Park (great playgrounds and if you go into the center plenty of space for them to run around, duck pond, waterfall), Starbucks (perfect place to chill and send emails when they fall asleep in the stroller), the park on Washington and Lafayette and the park on Washington and Greene.

13. Don't be like me and get neurotic about activities. Playing with race cars and tickle fights are as good an activity as there is. Eb taught me that.

14. Just sit and look at them for a few minutes a day. All the headaches will wash away. Guaranteed.

15. Get as much sleep as you can. Don't stay up all night playing PS2 or watching Netflix. Be in bed by midnight if you can. But get your PS2 on. Read a book. do something or it will feel like Groundhog Day.

16. Books: Sci fi is good. Gets your mind off things. Romance works for the Mrs.

17. Date night. don't forget about that fine thing that carried your babies.

18. Become a foodie Learn to cook. It will save you a ton of cash.

19. Take help when it is offered.

20. Give Thanks

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Anonymous Stephanie Elder said...

Great tips, nothing really to add to that list. Parenting is a singular experience, that no one can truly prepare you for, but people who've been through it, tend to gloss over some of the details. I always tell friends that if you want the real deal on parenting and not the pie in the sky stuff, then come talk to me. I like that Groundhog Day thing, because it's so true. Carving out time for self is essential.
I've really been thinking a lot about this lately because my 18 year old niece is pregnant, and I'm having a real hard time processing that. How do I communicate to her just how monumentally earth shaking and life altering being a parent is?

January 16, 2008 4:50 PM


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