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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The NY Times misses the point on the Radiohead physical sales figures

Radiohead came out and did 300,000 this week. The Times misrepresents this as a sign that plastic is not dead. I don't agree.

As popular as digital sales are and are becoming let's not get ahead of oursleves. Plastics' market share is so huge it will take a few years for us to see some parity.

The way the article reads it may give a ray of hope to the dinosaurs of our industry.

Do not be fooled Doug Morris et al. Radiohead, Jay, Alicia, Mary, they will still sell cd's. That is not where the battle lies. The issue is that mid level groups (100-300k in sales) will become even bigger drains on the ledger. And developing acts will soon bypass your entire model. They will opt for a digital label with better margins and less equity. Hobbyists and micro-stars will focus on social networks and build a live touring base tht will trump your model with even more zeal.

Radiohead is special. And that uniqueness cuts both ways. Not everyone can put an album for free. Most people wouldn't care. And even less people can do 300 in their 1st week. They are models best used for inspiration not duplication.


Blogger ian said...

300K?? Unless I misread the soundscan yesterday, they did 122K first week.

January 11, 2008 8:25 AM

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