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Monday, January 14, 2008

O for where art thou (Tony) Romeo?

I'm out sick today so to keep my mind off the fact that I can't go 5 steps w/o losing my breath I will blog.

After all 5 bozos on Fox NFL Sunday picked the Cowboys the G-Men and Eli did the damn thing. Great game.
Here a few random thoughts

- Rom(e)o chose to go to Mexico with Nick Lachey's sloppy seconds like a man. So take the criticism like a man. Whether that had much to do with his loss is questionable. Those 1st two dri ves proved their #1 seed.

-I ask you this, do you think Tom Brady went to Mexico on his week off? That is the difference. Period. Brady was probably watching film and running drills with Wes Welker.

-T.O. please. Kill the waterworks. You are the most arrogant dude in the league. Don't try to get Ralph Tresvant on us now.

-Brandon Jacobs is a monster

-but not as scary as Marion Barber. All respect due

- I love Favre but it's time for the fairy tale to end

- I hate the Pats but godamn. They are so focused. I just don't see them slipping. Brady looks posessed in those interviews. It is actually scary.

- and a final shout to Eli for winning one for the little brothers.


Blogger ian said...

I'm not even that much of a sports duide nowadays but how u taking vacations in the middle of the post-season, period?! WTF??

January 14, 2008 3:15 PM


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