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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Greg Nice and he's MC Smooth B

Just want to take a second to shout out Nice and Smooth. The history books will undoubtedly forget them. At best they will be underepresented in the archives. So while I have a chance to spit my sh@t I will make sure they are remembered.

I am not sure if there has been a group like them since.

So go out today and download 'Hip-Hop Junkies', 'Sometimes I Rhyme Slow', 'No Bones in Ice Cream', and 'Funky For You'.

I guarantee you'll have a better day.

And remember Dizzy Gillesie may not play the sax but I still like max. And after Nipsy Russel does the hustle remeber to flex your muscles. I kick rhymes, however I am very different from a fortune teller.
Holla if you drive a red Sterling and the seats recline.
Ever tried to hail a cab on 125 and St Nick? It sucks

I can go on for days. What a nerd


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