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Monday, December 24, 2007

President Obama

I was listening to CSPAN Radio on the way down and they played the Obama 'Fired Up, Ready To Go' speech. I can't front I was tearing up. I am making my donation today. Believe it people. We are going to have a Black president.

A Black man running the free world. Do you realize the message that will send to our youth? As a parent it is enough to make you cry.

For hundreds of years Black men have been told they are nothing but criminals and deadbeat dads. My industry has done the most to reinforce that image. In a matter of years and through one huge event that image will be dealt a death blow.

'Fired Up, Ready To Go'

and a note to Hilary. The more you attack Obama and laugh at him in debates the more Black folk you push away. People like me.


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