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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Notes from the C Train returns

-had a meeting in the city so here I is
-I am turning into such a Brooklyn snob. I hate coming to the city.
-not good, you're supposed to be All City
-everyone is pissed or sad looking on the train
-actually only the colored folks
-white cats look happy
-that was so ignorant. Just a joke
-At one point do you put up the flip flops ladies?
-saw a dude with a classic Chamion hoodie, no doubt!
-friends and people who I have made $ with when you meet with me please get to the point. It's ok, not rude
-people I don't know, don't waste my time with your pipe dreams you will never back up
-it's time to win people
-read an xxl review of the bet awards. Tell me again what is so special about Weezy's metaphors?
-Has Cam'ron kirked out?
-Gangstarr and EPMD that is what I give the aliens to explain Hip-Hop music
-like my man James DL said years ago only 20 percent of your day is spent dealing with people you need to deal with. 80 percent is bs
-Rise of the Silver Surfer was good
-Heroes is the shit. Still
-we gotta let Hip Hop grow up


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