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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ignorance is the enemy

Just one last thought regarding the Lupe issue. The blogosphere is now consumed with T.I. so thank god for the inevitable news cycle.

I just had a birthday so for those keeping score at home I'm getting older not younger. But I'm not so old that I have become a cultural or professional conservattive. I appreciate new voices and new energy. It is what has kept me in business for over a dozen years.

That is not the issue. The issue is the celebration of ignorance and arrogance. Rep for your sound and style but a study of the past is good for business.

I wish I had listened to Jim Mahoney when he told me about manging your initial press orders. Or had truly meditated on how expensive the 12 inch game was when Jarret Meyer pulled me aside at a Gavin Convention. Or listened to Mr. Dave when he used to complain about how ungrateful artists were..

Instead I thought I had all the answers. I had the new business model that would render all those beefs moot.

For the record this Spring I threw out 20 mini dumpsters worth of returns from Fat Beats and Caroline.
The 12 inch game was so tight I have only 2 projects in the black from the 7H days.
And I got burned so many times Mr Dave was more right than I would like to admit.

I survived, as Lupe will, but in the process I lost hundreds of g's and too many friends and colleagues.

Perhaps a little humility and study would do us all some good.


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