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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hip-Hop cops and baggy clothes

On SOHH Prodigy was talking about his gun charge and upcoming 3 1/2 year bid. Always loved the HNIC and the Mobb since I heard Shook Ones in college. Part 2, wasn't up on Part 1 or Juvenille Hell.

P was talking about the Hip Hop police targeting him and made a commet about how they are not targeting someone like Kanye. The poignant comment was a thinly veiled attack on Ye's wardrobe that remain a serious point of contention.

P said something to the effect that with Kanye's tight clothes you could see if he had a joint on him from the outside. Ha ha ha. But it got me thinking...

I'm 34. I have boys who sat right next to me pounding E&J in Charlottesville and 880 Boynton because P said it. Some of these dudes are Feds, lawyers, asst DA's, and NYPD now. These are robably the folks who make up the Hip Hop police. Rappers should know this. These cops are not Barney Miller dudes who think we are all the same. These are dudes who have heard you talk about 'stabbing your brain with your nose bone' since the 90's. Shit, they probably have people who did dirt with you. (I have one boy who was a real hustler growing up who is now a CO in charge of several dudes from his old crew.)

If they want to make an arrest they know who to follow. Shit, if they didn't follow you they would be idiots. B, you've talking about catching bodies and holding heat since 1993!
Of course they don't follow the Louis Viton Don. All he talks about is clothes and his mom. They're not following Will.i.am or Kweli or KRS or Little Brother. Why? LISTEN TO THEIR DAMN RECORDS AND LISTEN TO YOURS.
They follow TI and J Prince and C-Murder.
You should know this and not carry around an unlicensed burner. Now P is not asking for sympathy and that makes me like him even more. He made a mistake and is ready to do his time. But I don't want to hear one more 'gangsta' rapper complain about the Hip-Hop police.

Don't want trouble? Hire a licensed bodyguard. Rap about Christian Dior and reperations. Stop wearing 8x t's. Wear tight red pants to award shows and you'll be good.

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