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Friday, October 19, 2007

BET Awards thoughts

-The BET awards were better than I expected
-Kat Williams is funnier than his silly pimp persona. Should have been more of him
-Who was the guy who gave a man hug to David Banner and was rocking with Busta?
-Kanye West is David Bowie
-Hip-Hop is OFFICIALLY in the Hair metal stage
-In fact I have a new term for today’s climate “Hair Hop” or “Hair Rap” take your pick
-That is the best way to describe the extreme emphasis on materialism, strip clubs, choreography, and it also is a great explanation of why so many rappers walk around with no shirt (Lil Weez)
-And I say this without being condescending. It is just where we are now. So for this era I guess Wayne is your king.
-Although I still do not get it. Especially after that bizarre performance where he spent half of it staring out into space.
-At least he said he wouldn’t let Hip-Hop die. Now I can sleep at night without a bottle of Merlot and 7 percocets
-I think Kanye has a more legit claim to the crown. No?
-Not sure where that leaves Common but at least he got his shine.
-And was it me or did Common look semi diesel
-And thanks to Cornell West for showing us how you properly show respect to a legend in the game
-And there is no way Kris was that brief. They had to have edited his speech down
-David Banner sounded like a clown on the Congressional panel. Evidently he thought he sounded presidential. Riiiiight
-Love the shout to Mike Vick though
-Souljah Boy you have about 6 minutes left. You have done well with your other 9. Be proud
-nice beer belly Baby. And that comes from a cat who was affectionately known as having a ‘pot belly of love’
-Nelly and LL, be careful. I don’t know if these kids still give a sh*t
-Love those ciphers. Even the one with our friend Joell Ortiz.
-Nice shout out from KRS One though Joell

Have a good weekend

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