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Monday, October 15, 2007

The SC weighs in on Fiascogate

Just like the Iraq War and Don Imus the ‘attacked’ has changed the discussion to suit their needs. Somehow this has turned into a generational battle. This is about respect, institutional knowledge, and integrity.

1. The Lupe defense is that he shouldn’t be crucified for flubbing the line. Agreed. As Q Tip said himself, it happens. However when you are essentially inducting a group into the de facto Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame you should NOT flub the line. Out of respect. When you do. Be apologetic. Show some respect.

Lupe may not give two flying f&cks about the Tribe (although his interview on Kay Slay now says the opposite) but there are millions who do. Respect that. His dismissal of the flub combined with his comments to the Village Voice, Vibe and the little old SCR feel like a comprehensive smack in the face to those of us who can and do quote Marauders, Low End, and Peoples.

2. Lupe may not think he is not connected to ATCQ but he most certainly is. The fans think so. As does Vh1 and Atlantic as the record shows. But regardless of those operations he is connected in spirit.
Who does he think paved the way for his post integration, skateboarding, and nerdy, eclectic persona? The Abstract. Plain and simple.

The old saying is still true. If you don't know your history you can't know your future. We must get out of this celebration of ignorance. If you are a Hip-Hop artist it behooves you to study your predecessors. Tribe, Pac, Big, 8Ball, Mannie, Outkast, Luke (see Brian Coleman for the whole list, suckas).

Ignorance and youth are simply not excuses used by enlightened people. It may be funny (Shanae) to call people like me a dinosaur but this is a billion dollar business. This is serious business. This is how I eat and how I feed my family. The danger for our culture is when someone spews this sort of ignorance while being lauded on XXL as the future of Hip-Hop. How many young kids 25 and under are now looking at Tribe as irrelevant because of what this ‘young lion’ says.

3. Bottom line is Lupe does or did not honor ATCQ, so as a man he should have refused the honor. Let Phonte do it. He loves our heroes. His tribute would have been sincere.
You compromised yourself Lupe for the limelight and that's wack.
You should have waited for the 8Ball tribute if you love the space age balers so damn much.

And can I say how ignorant his position really is? Let's listen to Midnight Marauders. If I had my way that album would be required in the Public School system. 'Keep It Rollin', 'God Lives Through'. Go see Aqua Boogie for more.

That album represents a true addition to the African American cultural dialogue. Much like Ralph Ellison’s ‘Invisible Man’, or the work of Gordon Parks, or Romare Bearden.

I'm out

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Anonymous Tone da Lover said...

can we stop talking about this douche bag?

October 15, 2007 1:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We can move on, I have to address Wes.

Lets be real Wes, it's a billion dollar business that runs on the backs of kids ages 20-30. Including everything else that's going on in the economy, from technology, politics, and the war.

In no way I think it's funny, in no way I'm trying to be ignorant, or disrespecful. I'm just stating my opinion as a young adult that is growning up today, and how I can see where Lupe is coming from.

There is a gap and I don't think it would be closed with word rage. We are on your level when that money is being made, and running your business, but when we speak our minds we become clowns, and ignorant.

I don't think it's about the music and respect today it's running on peoples feelings. I think the "dinosaur" which I didn't state, needs to let hip-hop of today grow first before killing it. I just feel people in my age 20-30 were basically test for over the last ten years. So the time to reflect on our past is limited, when you are making history in recorded numbers yourself. It is sad but it's the honest truth, alright Lupe slipped hell pick him up. We lose at the game when we can't move on, and learn everyone wants to dwell on the past.


October 15, 2007 3:19 PM

Blogger Wes said...

not sure I follow your comment.

this is not a generational issue at all. Lupe has done well in framing it as such. I have no problem with new people with new ideas. I realize they are absolutley needed.

the business may get its money from the youth but it's controlled by 30-50 year olds. an interesting fact any participant should realize

October 15, 2007 3:36 PM


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