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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Billion dollars and still missing the point

A lot of interesting talk this week regarding digital music. The Radiohead deal, the Zune software 2.0 launch and the release of the ipod touh with WiFi (although that's not that new).

2 of these people get it. 1 simply does not.

The Radiohead deal is great, but not as great as the out of touch press believes. Many including the Times have seized upon the fundamental truth that you have to be Radiohead to pull this off. A new band with no track record will not have the same success. However, this is the model all will HAVE to adopt to survive. The days of paying for recorded music is over. Don't be fooled by the few artists who do make money off of record sales. T-Pain, 50, Kanye, Souljah Boy, TI and Jay represent a small, small, small percentage. You're better off sacrificing the traditional model in order to stimulate much more profitable revenue streams - licensing, live performances, etc

The new iPod stole my idea! well I never really thought I was the only one thinking of a WiFi store but it does suck to have the ideas and no money. Had a chance to spend some time with the iPhone and iPod Touch. it is the truth. Apple is so damn smart. The Wifi store will forever change the game. Way more than the Radiohead deal. Artists and labels have been giving away music and asking for donations for years. However, you have not been able to buy music sitting in Starbucks, or any hot spot to a comprehensibly convergent device.

And poor Microsoft. On the Zune 2.0 even with shared songs with no DRM you can only play it 3 times? Ridiculous. And the social networking site is a good idea but won't work. There really is no need for it. On top of that you wanna compete with iTunes and Myspace and Facebook? Billion dollar arrogance.


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