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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I am convinced. Racism is the most powerful force in the world. Like Pos said 'De La Soul is everywhere like racism.'

It is more powerful that religous, sexual, national, and cutural affiliations. A couple brief examples

- Orthodox Jews giving a bi-racial man and his child the gas face when they asked for the blowing of the ram's horn. (My Jewish brothers help me out on telling me what I saw).
How they sought people who looked Jewish was crazy enough but then looking puzzled when a Blak guy asked was crazy. Like Black folks can't be Jews (Sammy Davis Jr, Georges Sulmers and the Israelites on 1-2-5).

- This whole immigrant debate. Americans descended from Irish, Italian, Russian, and Polish immigtants who cannot understand that many of these Mexican, Guatamalan, Ecuadorian, Nigerian, or Pakistani immigrants are just trying to earn an honest wage. This is exactly what your grandparents did. And stop fronting like everyone came over legally back then.

And what does America think will happen if everyone is deported. Ever see that scene in 'King Of Scotland'?

It really is a sickness that I hope I don't pass on to Miles and Savannah


Blogger ian said...

I'm not following this 'blowing of the ram's horn' story - what??

October 05, 2007 11:28 AM


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