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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday hustle and the godfather Russell Rush

Back on the Thursday daddy day care hustle. This time bonding with the little Savannah Bea.

We set up the crib so we have a little library/den/office/laundry room/recycling area. So I have been finding time to read between feedings. Copped the Russel Simmons 'Do You' book and have been plodding through it.

It's a little hokey but filled with some real nuggets of wisdom.
I have always admired Russell. In fact I believe my entire generation of businessmen are modeled after him in a very distinct way.

Russell posesses a skill that I thnk many of us lack. He can pour his all into a project or at least do a damn good job of appearing to. Then let go of it without remorse. As a businessman he is very smart by selling his businesses when they are at or the near the height of their valuation. Def Jam, that 360 website he sold to BET, and now Phat Farm.

Some look at it as a sign of greed or weakness but as someone who held onto an investment (or two or three) too long I can appreciate that ability.

He does business with no fear. No fear of failure or success. He is not afraid to dump millions of his own money into Phat Farm. And he's not scared to cash out at $140 million.

The temptation is to cut your losses in the beginning and wait for the fantastic payoff on the back end.

How much is too much to invest. How much is a big enough return. Russell has a great sense of this as he develops and sells time and time again. Rarely dilluting the property and constantly strengthening his human brand.

I always tried to remember there is always a time to live and a time to die. Both are envigorating and painful.


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