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Friday, August 17, 2007

Skils you need

Had an interesting conversation last night about skills a human should have for GP and in case an asteroid hits and we lose all our technological crutches like electricity and toilet paper.

here are some skills I think we should all have. And time willing I will add them all to my repertoire

1. Cooking. Not in an Emeril Lugassi way, more in an Alton Brown way (for all my Food Network nerds)

2. Mixing and laying concrete. A lot of construction work going down in DUMBO. I just admire the skill

3. Appreciating "the art of the putting words together" (copyright and TM 2007). Know how to read and write properly you clods.

4. Use a weapon. I am not a fan of hunting for sport or abject violence but if Pathmark closes you'd better know how to hunt you down some protein. And you'd better be able to defend yourself against marauding Australians like in Mad Max
5. Amateur electrician. need know hot to hotwire the Playstation to the downed power line. This was inspired by that icon McGuyver

6. Learn (Mandarin) Chinese and Spanish. Hey, The US will not be on top forever.

7. Know how to assemble a basic computer. Like Woz and Steve Jobs

8. Play an instrument that doesn't need electricity. Like a Cello, banjo, or mandolin

9. Basic Carpentry skills

10. Cut hair. I always respected amateur barbers like my man Dude back at UVa

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