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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Battle For Cash" excerpt

After some advice from a talented young woman in publishing who has been fighting the good fight for our boy Brian Coleman I have finally started working on my book ideas with some level of seriousness. At least five minutes a day to start. I was up at 6:00 am working on this for the book "Battle For Cash: Hip-Hop and The Art OF War"
Let me know what y'all think.

...The reason I am drawn to the Wu is same the intellectual magnetic pull that draws me to Master Tzu. No other creative collective has been as consistently organized as the Wu Tang Clan. Only Jay Z has had a better run in the short history of Hip-Hop business. And even that is apples and oranges as Jay has only been able to provide his own success while his proteges have floundered in comparison (SCR note: except Kanye where one could argue was Dame's crowning glory) . That is not a knock as I personally like Memhis Bleek, Beans, and Freeway. However their annual numbers barely compete with the monthly numbers from 'Kingdom Come.'

On the other hand The Wu has delivered their own million sellers. At one time or another their derivatives Method Man, Ghost, ODB, and Raekwon have produced critical and financial hits since 1993.

After reading RZA's 'Wu Tang Manual' I realized that along with luck and talent their success is due to the basic tenets of strategy and execution. Lessons that Master Tzu teaches every day.

...The title 'Battle For Cash' is appropriate because that is what this is. Not a game, the ever so popular euphemism. A multi billion dollar business that is a cultural and social juggernaut. Hip-Hop influences fashion, film, literature, politics, and thanks to Hip-Hop Harry even child programming and elementary education. It employs thousands directly and indirectly. Make no mistake this is a battle. A battle for cash because cash in this world gives you power. The power to make decisions. And I believe harnessing the power of this culture is the single biggest inspiration for the disenfranchised since the Civil Rights. So let's prepare for battle because as Master Tzu would say the best opponent is the one who does not realize there is a conflict.

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