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Friday, August 24, 2007

Super Tuesdays

I am not alking about the political primary season I'm talking about the days when you cut class on Tuesday afternoon to run to Plan 9 Records (Charlottesville in the house) to cop the new release. I remember bombing an exam in first year and drowning my sorrows in the purchase of 'Apocolypse '91'. "Can't Trust It' and 'Shut 'Em Down' - god bless Carl Ridenhour.

Another memorable yet random Super Tuesday was when 'Blowout Comb' dropped. Back at Uva the entire campus was buzzing. Every bad chick you ever saw was waiting on that release. You see Butterfly's pops taught at Uva so we always had an affinity for the bugs. That album is still under-rated.

A great Super Tuesday was the day Black Star came out. It was them, Brand Nubian and 2 others...damn i can't remember. Someone help me out. I saw an interview recently with Kweli where he was speaking on it.

I am not sure if it was on Tuesday but I remember when I bought De La Soul is Dead and Sex Packets by DU on the same day.

We had a heavy recent Tuesday with Kweli and Swizzy although I think that is only heavy in my mind as I think Swizzy's numbers are gonna be crazy while I worry about Kweli.

One of the signs of how bad things are is actually the excitement over the upcoming September 11th Super Tuesday throwdown between Curtis and Senor Tight Jeans. I can't remeber the last time two superstars dropped on the same day and instead of celebrating these fools were fighting. I am glad to read on allhiphop that they 'hugged it out' as it were.
Super Tuesday is too important to fight over you silly egotistical millionaires. Now go buy some $3,000 jeans you crazy kids.

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