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Monday, August 20, 2007

Flighty professions

With obvious exceptions these are the professions where being a little flaky seems to be a prerequisite

- Web designer (havent met one who wasn't yet)
-Graphic Designer
-Filmmaker (esp directors)
- MC
-Booking agent
-Party promoter
-Drug dealer
-Airline gate clerk
-West Indian restaurant waiter or cashier


Blogger ian said...

Re: Airline gate clerks, TELL ME ABOUT IT! Ended up spending 8 hours in the AA terminal in Toronto on Monday because the lines were so long I missed my original 6:20am flight despite being on line in the terminal. Apparently, they are not up on the concept of pulling people whose flights are earlier and impending to the front of the line so they can check in first and actually make them!

The gate clerk then refused to guarantee me a confirmed booking on a later flight because I had 'missed my flight' (like it was my fault they only had 3 check-in clerks and 6 electronic salf-check-in kiosks for an entire terminal!!!) and I ended up getting bumped while on 'standby' status from 3 subsequent flights before finally making it onto one.


August 22, 2007 12:02 PM


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