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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still a nerd

Had a couple of run-ins with some real jaded industry slime balls this month. If you're not careful these bitter cats will break your spirit.

As I was fighting back my anger I realized that the reason why I do this is that there is more good than bad. I deal with more people that inspire me than not.That keeps me going.

Made me think about some moments that remind that I am a just a Hip-Hop nerd living the dream. And at the end of the day I never want to lose that and become that which I hate.

1. Vibe listing The Best Part by my man J-Live as one of the best underground albums. I was fortunate enough to executive produce the album with J while 7H managed him. If this all ends tomorrow I am happy I can say I contributed to the game in some small way rather than being a cog in the machine my whole career.

2. As a 10th grader I was a home sick kid from the Bronx at boarding school. Didn't know which way was up. De La Soul's '3 Feet High...' straight up kept my sanity. I remember saying to myself 'that's who I want to be.' De La were Black kids with middle class sensibilities and fundamental NYC sense. Not ashamed of their intelligence or their exposure to culture outside of the 'hood. Today I work with Prince Paul and if I see Pos or Mase they actually know this punk kid from Lawrenceville.

3. The time Primo left a message on my answering machine back in '98 when we working on The Best Part. The fact that DJ Premier told me to call his crib 'as soon as I could' blew me away. I think I left that message on the machine for 6 months.
Then later I remember Primo asking me to take a meeting with him as he tried to get Prince Paul installed as head of A&R at London Records. Primo is still my hero.

4. The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Did a walk through at the Park yesterday and I got a real sense of what this year's event will be. How many people we will be affecting. The young kids whose first taste of Hip-Hop will be via us. Most people run their mouth for years. We make it happpen.

5. KRS conference call. A little while ago Greg and I had a call with the Blastmaster that turned into a good old Kris Parker dissertation. Now to many I know KRS is irrelevant but I remember the whole BX 54 bus rolling down Story Ave in '86 with every kid from I.S. 139 screaming 'SOUTH BRONX, SOUTH, SOUTH BRONX!' Fast forward and my ass is building with The Teacher. Pretty f***ing cool.

Keep the fire warm y'all. Don't let them get you down..
Dreams are real.

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