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Monday, March 19, 2007

now I get it

I fell off last week. I am sure no one lost any sleep but I missed it. The SCR is like cheapo therapy.
When I don’t write every day I can definitely notice the difference.

Anyway, it’s a new week and a new day.

-My bracket is busted, sort of. The Florida region is a wrap. Trying to be a smart ass I had the 16/1 upset and Winthrop as the George Mason…in the same region.
Still looking good with Memphis.
UVa let me down, but I least we beat J-Live’s Great Danes
Ebonie is leading the office pool. Go figure

Heard the great sound bites from W’s South America trip and I no longer hate the prez. I feel sorry for him. I have figured out what his problem is. Unfortunately for W, he is the first president of the Information age. He is the 1st prez who has had to manage Jon Stewart, Google, Yu Tube, Reality TV and The New York Times, Tim Russert and Dan Rather. And the people calling the shots are old farts who probably just learned how to use email in ’04. This has t be the reason because if W had some tech savvy handlers there is no way they would let him say what he says. For all the talk abut Uruguayan beef and tortillas he should cut a check to the Daily Show and get some writer’s credit because he just fed them a couple of week’s worth of material. He makes it too easy.

But to his credit, this is uncharted turf. Clinton, Bush 41, Regan, and the rest did just as much dirt as W, but they knew how to hide it better. They didn’t have to deal with whistleblowers with access to email, cell phones and text messages. Alberto Gonzales is just now realizing they may arrest his ass for perjury based on frakking email. Poor babies. They know not what they do.
Cut them some slack

Now get to work

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