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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Great Brand Names

A random list for Thursday.
Some good and bad names for Hip-Hop operations:

Has nothing to do with the music, this is just about the name:

museum music (A label Q-Tip was doing through Elektra I think)
groove attack productions (had a great slogan "mind the gap")
soul jazz records
thugged out militainment (NORE's label the BEST NAME, ever)
cold chillin (tied with 'Thugged Out')
def jam (best brand in the biz)
rap a lot (corny, but dope when you think about it)
corporate thugz
Suave House
Eastern Conference

death row
grand hustleraptivism
Hypnotized Myndz
Desert Storm
the ummah
Pay Jay (One of Dilla's companies. Love the guy, hate the name)
Star Trak


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