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Friday, May 23, 2008

Parrish Smith 'Im Mad'

My life story I tell straight from the heart.
When suckers tried to crash my shit straight from start.
A young black kid destined for success, no Old Gold, no cocaine, or buddha cess.
One of the best verse ever.

This how I roll:

Straight up hard work. No sleep and no shorts.
Brainstormin' with the skills that Pop Duke taught.
To keep swingin', yeah, and not to quit.
I ride the Benz, you ride the dick, with your punk friends,
straight up pussy from Punk City, my attitude's fucked up and real shitty.
From the backstabbers, yeah my so-called friends,
who swim in my pool. When it's time, flex the Benz,
around town, windows down as the sound pounds, Cool J tape or K-Solo "Spellbound"
With fly girlies dippin, brothers grippin' and sippin'
Old Gold, Red Bull, hands on my dick and
I'm just lampin' with my EK shades, truck-jewels, obviously the man's paid.
But of course not, brother can't get his props
like for instance, when I cruise up the block
in my 560 lampin' on my Metro phone, chrome kit beamin' all off your dome.
But like a sucka, yeah, you looked the other way
That's how I knew you're on my dick kid, but it's okay.
It's normal, relax, your whole head's busted.
Caught in the rap skit, ya couldn't be trusted.
Cuz my sounds pound from here to Okinowi...{kiss peace and I'm ouuuutie!

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Blogger ian said...

> One of the best verse ever.

Gotta agree. Parrish is one of the most underrated in the game. Quintessential NYC hip hop voice!

May 30, 2008 6:49 PM


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