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Monday, April 14, 2008

You're not a boss, founder, or big dog unless...

I was speaking to some kids at York College about being an entrepreneur.
They all liked the idea of working for themselves and being their own boss. Somehow they thought that being and entrepreneur was the free ticket to money and power. They didn't realize that working for yourself is 10x harder than punching a clock.

I am a serial entrepreneur. Record labels, management company, marketing firms, Festival, e-zine, Lacrosse team. Still not a millionaire but I guess that will come eventually. That's not why I do it, though. Not for the money, fame, power, or props. I do it because i need to create things. Realize visions.

In my journeys I run into kids who don't know better and fake execs who claim to be the boss but when the shit hits the fan their true colors come out. In my career I have only met and worked with a few men and women who are truly fearless. Unfortunately I have dealt with countless big mouths who are all talk and no action.

So here is my simple test. You're not really a boss unless:

-you have never had to make a payroll
-never hired or fired someone
-skipped multiple paychecks to keep the lights on
-had your name on the contract
-had to sign off to get the check cut
-been the name on the contract that gets sued when sh*t hits the fan
-actually come up with the idea rather than cherry picked once the hard work was done

Respect to all who do whatever takes to realize your vision.
And respect to everyone who has ever sweated it out with me

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