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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We love Ben stiller

Random thoughts this am about my favorite group of flicks

Here is how it works

There are two wings the Judd Apatow wing and the Ben Stiller wing (FYI Apatow worked on the short lived Ben Stiller Show)

The genesis – Swingers and Something About Mary
40 Year Old Virgin, Wedding Crashers, Semi Pro and the like all owe something to these flicks
These films introduced the new genre of ‘guy flicks.’ Part Animal House, zero parts Dirty Harry and part SNL

The templates – Zoolander and Old School‘Zoolander’ is the model for the caricature of pop icons of our youth
‘Old School’ is the modern day buddy flick/frat boy movie

The Ben Stiller troupe
Vince Vaughn
Owen Wilson
Luke Wilson
Will Ferrell

The Judd Apatow troupe
Seth Rogen
Paul Rudd
Jonah Hill

Players on both teams/links between the families
Will Ferrell
Paul Rudd
Steve Carell

Ben Stiller Tree films
Anchorman (the real bridge between the families via the inclusion of Paul Rudd and Steve Carell)
Semi Pro
Talladega Nights
Blades Of Glory
Starsky and Hutch
Wedding Crashers (the Ben Stiller most like a Judd wing. Concedentally the worst of the Stiller tree)

Judd Apatow Tree films
40 Year Old Virgin
Knocked Up
Sarah Marshall

I am a Ben Stiller Tree guy.
Superbad was weak, Roo much improv and Jonah Hill needed to turn it down a bit.

Wedding Crashers was the beating of the dead horse. The same joke only works but so many times

Drillbit Taylor, Semi Pro, Dewey Cox are what happened to this genre when Hollywood realize how much paper there was in it

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